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Мод для реального перемещения по отсекам лодки silent hunter iii, сериал игра в формате mp4

Coming home you may end your journey using the SH3 function. use this MOD , because then the mostly used U-Boat types will be available. A series of mods for all cargo vessels in Silent Hunter III. This second part features This third part features the Elco Torpedo boat. Made entirely from scratch. Living Silent Hunter III V5 - Creation and Compilation of Mods for the Strategic U- Boat Simulation of Silent Hunter

These include GWX Gold, We Dive at Dawn for SH4, favorite Silent Hunter 5 mods, Narwhal Mod, SH3 mods, missions, and goodies for all the U-Boat junkies. 4.Ссылка на сайт с модами для SH3/2 . Реальное перемещение по отсекам лодки от Orgy . Сдвигаемое меню для May 28, 2006 . Ideas and mod design discussion for Silent Hunter III: Featuring the Grey Wolves mod, NYGM, Tonnage Mod, Real U-Boat mod, SH3 Commander